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This Is Gonna Be Great (2024)

My friend Rein Mulder and me worked for about ten years on the idea for our European comedy series before it finally came to fruition. We worked as writers/creators on the series, from pre- to post-production, with Rein even taking on the lead role.

David (30) finds himself stranded in Berlin after his girlfriend Eva dumps him upon arrival, exhausted by his grand, yet ultimately empty gestures. This isn't at all what he expected; he's a dreamer who sees the world as a movie where he's the protagonist. Despite his parents' skepticism, the same romantic impulse that led him to the German capital now compels him to stay and create a new story for himself.

Integrating into a new city proves challenging, especially for someone with such high expectations. David continues to embellish reality and is continuously drawn to bizarre, larger-than-life characters that need to color his stories. As a true entertainer, he masks his sorrow with jokes and songs. Fortunately, he finds lodging with Rob, a hyper-rational Norwegian physics student with a love for the guitar and physics, and reconnects with his Flemish childhood friend Aisha who’s always on and busy working. He then meets Hanna, a direct yet mysterious German girl whom he inevitably sees as the new love of his life.

David struggles to connect with Berliners due to a harsh language barrier. His acting aspirations lead him to a humiliating EU commercial audition. His date with Hanna is ambiguous. He encounters a man who lives permanently in a techno club, a cashier who becomes biologically aggressive when he tries to pay with a card, and ends up in a champagne bar where guests' pretensions reach absurd levels. All this leaves David increasingly confused: can he still rely on his romantic ideals? A visit to Dieter and Monika, intense friends of his parents living in the forests around Berlin, makes David realize he needs to overcome some barriers.

Meanwhile, inspired by David, Rob decides to revamp his lifestyle to improve his dating prospects. Aisha also realizes she needs to change her self-sacrificing, intensely busy life that's causing her harm. Initially reserved, Hanna is gradually drawn out of her shell by David. The four individuals in Berlin start to spend more time together. David realizes the others are real people - not characters in his film. Yet, David's attention still gravitates toward Hanna. Increasingly David is plagued by fear and panic.

David decides to take action. But does the answer lie in addressing his health (his testicular pain), exploring new (BDSM) adventures, delving into Berlin's history, or pursuing love? When should one relax, and when should one push oneself? As David receives a major film audition while his friends each face crises, the question arises: will he remain stuck in his romantic fantasy, or will he finally confront reality?

Produced by Big Blue Series and co-produced by BNNVARA, the Film Fund Incentive, ZDFneo (10x ’25). 

Shot in Berlin and parts of the Netherlands in the spring and summer of 2023 with a cast of over 30 international actors, most notably Jonas Strand Gravli, Abigail Abraham and Mona Vojacek Koper. Directed by Beer ten Kate and Valerie Bisscheroux.
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